By way of introduction, my name is Shawn Gardner and I am a local father, entrepreneur, and investor. I own a Boulder-based business development firm called Gardner Business Development that helps natural food industry startups increase market share and expand distribution. My two children, ages 10 and 7, attend BVSD’s Eisenhower Elementary School and as such, what’s happening at BVSD is of special interest to me and my family.

Last year, I was introduced to Raj Rawat’s book, “Find Your Everest,” and have since gotten to know Raj very well. I have attended several of the talks he has delivered to schools and professional groups. I am very impressed and moved by seeing his audiences uplifted and inspired to better themselves. Raj’s inspiration is grounded in reality and he has a unique gift which allows him to connect with people on both a professional and personal level.

He provides a framework and step-by-step guidance for people to rise to their true potential. This is precisely what the BVSD school system needs and Raj is exactly the person to deliver it. He has a rock-solid track record and the vision to inspire and lift people to perform at levels they never thought possible.

I strongly support and recommend Raj for BVSD school board!

Shawn Gardner

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