Make China pay. Set new Health and Hygiene Protocol after COVID19 bludgeoning.

COVID19 – 250,000 infected. 15,000 people dead. 5 Trillion dollars of global wealth wiped off. Millions of lives destroyed. Countless business shut. Global trade interrupted. Who is to pay?

If people died in an airplane crash, victims would get compensation. If there were a mining accident, the insurance company would pay. If there were negligence, the company would pay. Who pays now when the deaths are spread across the globe and origin are known?

With COVID19’s massive impact, it’s time to change the way we look at global health and accountability. This time, to start with, hold China accountable. More importantly, establish a new global protocol for health, hygiene, and the spread of disease. No matter where the outbreak starts, hold that country accountable. Let the country with poor health and hygiene practices pay the world for its irresponsible secrecy and reluctance to share facts in a timely manner. In the case of COVID19 should the world’s citizens pay for China’s failure to take reasonable health precautions? International infectious diseases like SARS, which also started in China killed 850, MERS, which originated in Saudi Arabia killed 775. They should have already necessitated a new global protocol for accountability. It’s mandatory now.

Having a universal health and hygiene protocol enforced by an international body like the UN now seems like a need of the day. This will help improve global health and uplift humanity and will be the reverse of the deaths sweeping across the globe. We will see good health pump life and wellbeing into all the citizens of the world.

A new global pandemic accountability protocol should include timely alerts, penalties for negligent/culprit nations, and costs to people who ignore risks.

1. A basic framework should include the following: Alert mechanism

If an outbreak is detected, the outbreak must be reported to international organizations like the United Nations within 24 hours of the country’s noticing a trend of discovering an untreatable disease. The alert should be prompt and unambiguous.

2. Make the country pay for non-compliance with a new code of health and hygiene

If the countries do not have proper health and hygiene practices in place, other countries can ban their citizens from going there and restrict citizens from those countries from visiting. Travel would not be banned, travelers will pay to ensure other’s safety. Upon arrival back in their countries, they would pay for and live in quarantine for two weeks.

3. Financial penalties

If the diseases spread, the country that is the source of origin would pay those who are hurt.  The UN can establish a payment like the International Airline Travel Association sets the policies for those killed in international air crashes.

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