The Downtown Boulder Partnership community uplifted Boulder today. We encourage our community to learn, value, and emulate what we appreciate, showcase, and spotlight. The Downtown Boulder community of retailers, tech-startups, bankers and investors, and non-profit leaders; and city government leaders recognized two shining stars of the community, Sam and Cheryl Sussman, my heroes and role models.

Sam and Cheryl’s lives represent service, compassion, and wisdom. Sam’s parents survived the Holocaust; Cheryl’s father was a brilliant (chemistry) scientist. Together, they see all in balance. It’s all about the human condition and uplifting each other. This is the motto that frames their lives. This is their life, legacy, and inspiration.

For forty years, they owned downtown businesses, never turned away from contributing to a good-hearted cause, and never backed off from helping someone in need. In recognizing Sam and Cheryl, the community showed its own core of wisdom and goodness.

Another organization that received an award for its innovation contribution: Techstars Boulder Accelerator.


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