On Jan 5th, I sat in the front pews of the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica. I was there to offer prayers on behalf of friends and family; seemingly doing well on the outside, but hurting inside. I did not realize the sacredness of the task I was entrusted with until I started visualizing the prayers. Each prayer was honest to the core. It was raw suffering of the body or the heart, or of commerce. They were selfless and asked for loved ones to get better. Everyone needed their prayer to go straight to God’s door. As I said the prayers and sat in silence, the spirit of the heavens, the sanctity of the universe, and the purity of life came through me like a force I have rarely felt.

I know that the prayer session has shifted something within me.  I felt weightless like a white hollow sculpture. How profound this impact is, I can’t tell fully even after a week. But I know that the power of the prayer ignited a light that I need to keep shining bright:

– To not judge because I don’t likely know the full story

– To serve by listening with the intent to inspire, and

– To acknowledge fear that hides in plain sight within others and within me.

No matter what our beliefs, living our lives to the fullest and realizing joy in every moment likely comes through some similar practice that the light ignited within me.

My father was a surgeon. He recited examples of how patients who had no chance of surviving pulled through. Whether it was prayers or chance, he did not know but he never discounted the power of prayer.

The power of prayer is real even if it simply refocuses our own energy.
I hope that the heavens will answer the prayers I offered.

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