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In the desert village cultures of the ancient Indian villages, mothers are gods and next are the teachers. Mothers and teachers shape the child’s character. This dynamic of teachers being the hands that shape the child’s life is the same all over the world. Only in modern countries, the honor assigned to teachers and the reverence assigned to special education teachers for doing God’s work is lost of society.

We take schools and teachers, the foundries that forge and mint students’ futures for granted. For small pay and long hours, we expect the magic and miracle workers to deliver impossible results. And the mindboggling reality is that they do!

This talk with two Boulder Valley School District special education teachers, Mariah Sussman Garcia (Boulder High), and Pilar Chissell (Manhattan Middle), is just the reminder to appreciate the incredible work they do with children who know no greater hearts filled with compassion.

Teachers = Honor. Special Education Teachers = God’s hands!

Photo: BVSD special education teachers

  • Mariah Sussman Garcia of Boulder High on left.
  • Pilar Chissell of Manhattan Middle School on right.

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