At end of life, don’t be angry like many old people. They spent their whole life roped to someone else’s dreams, goals, and ambition. They are wealthy, popular, and still hopelessly discontent. Their talents, time, and energy are now spent.

Even with all the riches: wealth, society’s recognition, and professional awards, success feels hollow. To chase someone else’s dreams, many neglected what they now see truly matters to them the most: their passions, people, and priorities.

In the chase for glitter, or as a horse roped in someone else’s race chariot, they never found time to clarify their reality, set their priorities, or fight for what now truly matters to them.

Do it now!

– Embrace your reality

– Set your priorities

– Discover your possible Everests

– Fight to the top, and

– Live fulfilled.

Ironically, when you have inner clarity, the outside world also embraces your Everest and helps you rise to the top.

How to start? You can begin on this irreversible and fantastic journey by giving me a chance to serve and accompany you on your rise.

The wisdom of my mentors and their stories are in my book:

FIND YOUR EVEREST: Before Someone Chooses It For You.

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