The gun was about to go off, but the runners were already at the finish line. A school teacher’s husband and a brilliant and graceful a 30-year special education teacher, both with deep connections were already on the track with endorsements championing them.

With just two days remaining, I entered the race. Walking away wasn’t an option for me. I would have broken my own word, work, and inspiration.

The compelling reason was that students, teachers, and even professionals wanted me to plant the principles contained in my book, in their lives.

  •  Students wanted the book in seventh and eighth grades because that’s when they started thinking of their life options.
  • College students said, “why did someone not give me this when I started college? I would have made different choices with my time”.
  • An MIT Ph.D. engineer in IBM’s Watson lab sent a message that the book validated his values and reenergized his resolve to keep pushing his life and work priorities.
  • From Harvard doctors and lawyers to Stanford lawyers, to teachers and truck drivers, people who want to tap into their full potential, like the book’s inspiration and tools.

If I were authentic about my book’s message, I needed to act. I needed to stand for my beliefs. Fighting the election is a victory.

I entered the race to uplift the school system:

(1) Engage the students. Show them that education is the shining path to their dreams, aspirations, and goals. Once they catch the curiosity about who they are, how they learn, what they like, and who the schools can help them find answers, they will rise to their Everest.

(2) Treat teachers respectfully. Pay, retirement and job security are not enough. Give them time to rejuvenate their mental creativity. Allow them to innovate and develop their own dreams, aspirations, and ideas. Offer mentors, sabbaticals, seed funding.

(3) Dream big! Commit to building the best school system on the planet. Set benchmarks for the most satisfied teachers, engaged students (to create scholars, athletes, artists, and other engaged minds).

Brave men and women died for our freedoms here and across the world. All children are the legacy of their sacrifices.

But as I share in my talks and work, when you believe something is worthy of your time and talent, do it!

I thrive in every smile from trusted friends who laugh and support me, who shake their hands and give me warm hugs, and who help me stay on point — all in ridiculous warmth and affirmation, that of course, I would take such a spontaneous decision.

We have already won. Our key points, inspiration, and frameworks have expanded the canvas like only an immigrant from a hot Indian desert village can. The dominos of well-meaning good people are falling and listening to my ideas.

What a privilege and joy this race has been!

I am following my inspiration.

Fighting on!



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