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Brad Feld is a Boulder-based quintessential serial entrepreneur and philanthropist and trailblazer. As the Managing Director of the Foundry Group, an early venture investment firm, a co-founder of TechStars, a highly regarded global startup accelerator, and a champion of the tech startup culture in Boulder, CO. At 22 he sold his first company just after MIT kicked him out of the Ph.D. program. He saved his marriage from collapse in his early career of maniacal devotion to startup life by negotiating life rules. He has fought against the stigma of depression and faced off against it himself. His wife Amy Bachelor is his trusted companion and partner.  They wrote a book about surviving as a couple in the entrepreneurial world. In fact, Brad is a prolific writer and has written about every important facet of a startup entrepreneur’s life (Brad Feld books on Amazon). He shuns praise and is remarkably open to engaging at any level that the community invites him to.

Recently Brad spoke with Sam Sussman, my co-host and me on our “Positive People” show on KGNU Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins community radio, where we bring the inspirational role models who share tools and resources that our community can use right now, right away. Kendall Perry edits our shows and Maeve Conran is our mentor.

This is unpacking the wisdom-rich talk and some core kernels to help you achieve your potential as a novice or experienced entrepreneur, an investor, or a professional in the startup ecosystem.

Click here to listen: KGNU Boulder 88.5 FM, Positive People

(1) Embrace your reality and make choices that light up your life.

Brad shares his awareness of depression. He speaks of how a trusted companion has transformed his life. He chose to be in Boulder and gathered his partners to be here too.  His talent is technology startups and his passion is sharing.

(2) Share your wisdom and your wealth.

Brad’s life shows his love for reading, writing, and sharing.  He’s written half a dozen books to share his lessons and insights.  Two more are close to launching. The one he is particularly passionate about is Give First. It is about the 30-year philosophy of his work and life. He writes a blog on current trends. Apart from sharing his wisdom, Brad and his wife are generous philanthropists. They’ve chosen to give away their wealth while alive.

(3) Always-on dynamism.

Even when he is seated in the chair in front of you, you will find tremendous velocity in his energy. With a goal to run a marathon in every state he has clocked 24 already and is working toward completing the rest. Even in his busy life, he strives to engage with people.

The Positive People show is about positivity, tools, and resources that our community can use right now, right away. Brad’s show will give you insights into a very meaty and complex tech-startup pioneer’s life, humility, and choices. Whether a novice or a guru, an entrepreneur or an investor, you will walk away testing and challenging your own beliefs.  You will be inspired to find how you want to invest in your profession, community, and expertise to give back.

Want to thrive in life, have joy in every moment, start knowing yourself first. My book shows you how. Find Your Everest before someone chooses it for you.

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