Responsible citizens and leaders must question motives.

Few things have united the whole planet like the Climate Change crisis has. Such a massive momentum is hard to create without deeply funded campaigns to mobilize the non-profits and citizen groups.

Who has this kind of money and interest?

– 24 hour online shows that make no money

– Celebrities, spokespersons evangelizing a pivot away from fossil fuels

Water shortage, food famines, and gun violence never gathered this kind of momentum. Climate change has affected some more than others, just like water and food, and guns. But climate forces are powerful and pervasive. What and who can drive this kind of massive movement? Who is funding so many NGOs, celebrities, activists, and their fervor, and why are the global populations so together, organized, and committed this time?
– Celebs pitching climate change: Bono, Sting, Al Gore, Emma Thompson, Jane Fonda, Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Redford, Gisele Bundchen, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Again, who is paying or the time, talent, strategizing, and organizing? How can they afford to do this level of high level, premium quality preparation and delivery year after year? Not all are rich enough to just donate their time. So where is the money coming from?

Who can afford this never before seen campaign? Who will profit and benefit from shutting down to fossil fuel usage? The Chinese or the Germans who lead the solar panel manufacturing are not funding this. The windmill makers are neither this advanced, profitable, or rich. They can’t fund this broad and powerful message forcefully. So where is the money coming from?

Could this be a push for nuclear technology? Is the nuclear tech group of investors powerful and rich enough to make this push?

If this were a nuclear play where sustainable clean energy is the Trojan Horse, it is brilliant. It is classic misdirection.

Step 1: Scare the world with the ills of fossil fuels. This is in full play now. Climate crisis: pollution, food and water shortage, health impact, violence. Everyone is buying into the evils of climate change. Just like a mesmerized audience is misdirected by a skillful magician.

Step 2: Reduce fossil fuel use. Like the car companies removed the mass transit systems. We will ditch the fossil fuels. Just like the audience follows the magician’s queues. Now there is a gap. We need energy and no one supports the old systems any longer. The mines are shut down, the equipment is sold off for scrap, and the companies are dismantled. No path to go back.

Step 3: Show that the new sustainable clean fuel sources are not mature, reliable, or sufficient to replace the planet’s needs. Solar has flaws where the Sun’s coverage is not yearlong or full day. Wind is noisy. Neither is efficient and reliable to guarantee uninterruptible power supply. Solar, wind, and also hydro are already opposed by environmental groups. So no fossil, and no other reliable source of energy. Now what?

Step 4: Sell Nuclear Technology as the only reliable source of clean energy. This is the final act. The only viable source of clean energy will be nuclear fuel. Just like in places like Los Angeles, General Motors and others tore up the tram systems and ushered in the auto and petroleum industry-sponsored highway systems. The lobbyists and politicians will work hand in hand to make this a convincing transition.

The new pitch is that new power packs are more secure, smaller, and can be used as safely as disposable batteries. This looks like a well-thought play to usher in a nuclear age.

If the activists want to truly impact the change, they could be but are not talking about causes that can be acted upon right now, and are more effective in reducing pollution:
– Reducing population.

– Increasing green and reducing meat food consumption.

– Reducing, recycling, and reusing materials to reduce landfills.

As responsible and engaged citizens and leaders, should we question the motives of the climate change evangelists?

Raj Rawat
What makes me believe that we must study the reality to make our own informed choices?
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