What is transgender, simply explained (3 min video)

Compassion for all life is the awesome responsibility we inherit for the blessing of having an intelligent life ourselves. A courageous population among us is seeking an equal hearing. They are transgenders. We must respect them for their self-expression. This is important. We must assign equal dignity to transgenders for the sake of humanity.

Step 1: Listen when they tell you how they want to be addressed: he, she, or they. 

On the cheaper side of life, treat them with respect for competitive reasons, if you exclude talent for reasons of bigotry, be prepared to compete with that brain on someone else’s team. When they know that you are a bigot about gender norms, they will be passionate about beating you.

Step 2: Understand their need to be recognized as they choose for the right reasons: compassion, humanity, and responsibility.

None of us picked our gender. Let’s respect those who feel trapped in wrong bodies. Let us be their bridges to their inspiration like we are to our loved ones.

Step 3: Realize your own awesome power in inspiring others.

Love has no gender, laughter is not male or female, and tears of love or pain are equal for all. Let’s be the adult role models to validate and support all life, no matter how someone identifies, male, female, or trans. Serving others, uplifting them to their best, and minting excellence in all is our awesome responsibility as humans in the first place.

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