One way of thinking is that time is money and in working for free, you disrespect yourself. Don’t do what does not pay. This is possibly a myopic view. Often the “pay” is a financial consideration, which disregards other potentially far more important dimensions of “pay.”

The goal in work should be to reach mastery. Competence earns you the right to seek a position to learn. Proficiency gives you the legitimacy to take on big risks. Expert level gives you the opportunity to unblock major issues. Mastery shows that you can turn risks into opportunities. When we reach mastery, work comes to us, rather than us chasing work. But to live with limitless opportunities, go further. Become a genius in your area of expertise. Become an agile artist, capable of handling what comes toward you.

Financial pay has little to do with this kind of progression. The levels of mastery and attaining a genius level are not necessarily connected with pay. They are connected with experience, lessons, guidance, learning, mistakes, and some more guidance. The opportunity to make mistakes in the care of a wise mentor is priceless.

With this insight, take on the opportunities to learn, if you can afford it. Place yourself in the path of learning and growth. As you grow, money and riches will follow. You will effortlessly reverse the chase.

Opportunities will chase you!

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