If you have no time to breathe, it does not mean that you are not working hard. It means that you are working on too many things. You have too many active targets to hit and too many irons in the fire. Too many simultaneous projects are active. Everyone sees your diligence, but the excellence in results, the number of races you win is limited.

We have one opportunity to pass through time. What we focus on, at that moment is all we will do. whether we are 100% present or not; one time to apply our energy, either focused or splintered, at that moment and where we are physically present.

We can create excellence and joy in our lives by spending the energy and intelligence to have clear priorities. When we know the compelling reasons, risks and opportunities, and steps to achieve the desired results, we can give ourselves the time to think, be creative, and reach out full potential. This is hard, because it requires evaluation, honesty, and reconfiguring what’s needed vs. what we might want to do. You are facing reality and activating diligence to do what’s needed.

This is hard for many, to leave some things unattended for a while or to remove some projects altogether, many of us shy away from prioritizing. We end up doing more than is reasonably possible, we don’t succeed the way we are capable of, and are exhausted in the end. We end up selling ourselves and our projects short of our best capability and capacity.


Talk to your trusted companions, mentors, or team members to help you assess the positives and priorities of your projects. Then reflect.

You choose your priorities. You will succeed with distinction and you will be healthier. You will smile more and experience more joy.



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