Boulder’s Techtonic Inc.
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This talk can change your life. Boulder’s Techtonic Inc. epitomizes the innovative spirit that rises above barriers and delivers multidimensional results: helps the company grow, strengthens employee morale, and earns a loyal workforce. And the company delivers the option for the clients to hire from a trained talent pool to the customer at the end of the project.

Listen to Heather Terenzio, the CEO, a civil engineer pivoted to software engineering and built her custom software development company. The talk is inspirational in many ways: the instinct to see opportunity, the courage to make a commitment and stick with it, and the ambition to build a culture of excellence no matter what the global competitive landscape.

Boulder’s 3D Spotlight is a KGNU Community Radio 88.5FM initiative. Our mission is to share real-life inspiration, role models, tools, and resources that can facilitate and accelerate progress.


Maeve Conran, News Director, KGNU Community Radio

Sam Sussman, successful Boulder business professional, community leader

Raj Rawat, author, speaker, consultant: Find Your Everest before someone chooses it for you.

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