Hiring veterans is a most humbling and deeply gratifying mission in work. It strips away the facades of non-sensical everyday absurdities when you see invisibly bleeding and hurt men and women who are changed forever because they put themselves in harm’s way to shield us from harm. What these soldiers want most is sincerity.

For four years I have hired veterans for warehousing and driving jobs and learned many lessons. Most that apply for these jobs are deeply altered on the inside. They don’t talk about the hurt, physical or spiritual, but they question the world differently and everyday.
– Why did they return and their friends did not?
– What is their purpose on earth for which God saved them?
– Why were they in the positions to see and experience what they did?
– Was snuffing out lives worthy of God’s mission for them?
– Who is standing with them now and what is their motive?

In this perpetual questioning mode, veterans are on their own healing journeys and they leave jobs when they need to change their surroundings. As a business owner, investing in veterans is a recipe for low profit. As a human, it is a lesson of immeasurable inspiration to listen and respect another person’s experiences, and not take anyone for granted.

Knowing that I will lose my worker, I still invest in training, listening, and being present. Those with PTSD or other trauma, and almost all have some issues, need a mature man’s firm resolve or a grown woman’s guidance to provide the human presence a veteran, any veteran deserves. That’s what they get here. Mature listening. We don’t judge. We understand and respect.

The results are heartwarming and fantastic. The vets work magic with checklists, discipline, and respect.

If you have a veteran in mind who needs a job, send them to me. If we don’t have a current opening, we keep a list on file for when we have the next opening. And we are expanding. So we need more reliable solid men and women. Veterans get the first shot.

Veteran Preferred. Early Bird Driver/Delivery. One day per week (Boulder-Denver)

Compensation: $15-20/hr 
– Pick up packages from the warehouse and deliver to stores.
– References checked after paid trial period.
– Clean appearance. Respectful of others. 
– Punctual. Punctual. Punctual.

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