This is the right time for decisive action and bold leadership, and Ms. Carlson, the newly appointed head of the Miss America Organization’s board of directors is exactly the right person who can restore respect and advance equality and dignity for women in America, and serve as a role model leader across the world.

Ms. Carlson has the opportunity to change the game for all women and men. She is smart and mature. She called for the dumping of the entire Miss America organization’s board of directors and stepped up to become their head. She has the power to inspire the world by reframing what it should expect Miss America to be: brilliant, innovative, strong, compassionate, and charming — without the need to parade a nearly naked body in front of character-challenged judges and millions of tv eyeballs.

This is the time and place for all good men and women to unite in restoring dignity to our women and society. We have always known that we are better than the world the tv projects. Now we can uplift even what the tv projects.

The world needs to see one leader do the impossible. Others follow. For the first time in human recorded history, Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile barrier in England; six weeks later John Lundy broke his record in Australia. Ms. Carlson can be the Roger Bannister to restore women’s dignity.

All the power to you Ms. Carlson. Act decisively, move fast! It’s about time.


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