Raj's Keynotes = Inspirational. Authentic.  Powerful.

Raj’s keynotes are powerful, inspiring, and engaging. They are grounded in the reality of life’s grind and they contain facts and stories of humanity and hardship, and innovation and triumphs.

Raj’s talks impact people because they describe lessons from NASA and values from poor villages of India’s deserts. Every talk has a core: that the most fulfilling lives are a result of enduring the fires of life, and that we must forge the best of ourselves, by becoming both strong and flexible by staying in the heat of the fire.

Raj customizes every one of his talks whether he is serving up a graduation talk at the juvenile prison in Golden, Colorado, a keynote at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center in Malaysia, or an inspirational talk at a corporate convention in the Silicon Valley, Singapore, or New York.

Raj’s keynotes have authenticity and power to ignite grit and hustle.

Some themes of Raj’s talks:

- Build a life worthy of you, don’t sell yourself short

- Reverse the chase, let opportunity chase you

- To be a champion, work like a champion

- Energy, the asset that needs constant replenishment

- This is the most precious moment, it’s all we’ve got

Steps to book Raj for a keynote:

(1) Send an email describing the event, audience, and purpose of the group.

(2) Describe why Raj is a good fit for your event.

(3) Provide dates, logistics, and plans for the event.

We will respond to you within 48 hours.