Humanity is at war with a virus. Fight!

Put aside pride and all other nonsense. We need to do whatever we can to feed our families. If you are breathing you are blessed.

Don’t have a chip on your shoulder and don’t be condescending toward a man or woman just trying to overcome the current crisis. Don’t be a jerk!

If you can help, roll up your sleeves and get going. Take the pressure off of those who are in financial or health crisis or at risk. Be a human!

We will beat the virus first and we will beat negativity. We are a great people and we always rise to defeat hardships. Let’s the best of our brilliance and energy.

Humans are geniuses with limitless potential. Let’s put our best to uplift all.

Shine baby!

Fight on Bubba!

Let’s move the mountains!

This is the call of the day.

Let me know how I may help.

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