Prof. Zhao’s book is a must read for all members of the school boards, members of the boards of education, and all those who are related to the educational mission. It is a great thought-provoking book for parents and intellectuals who engage in the matters of how the quality of the life will change in the future.

Prof. Zhao is a magnificent storyteller, brilliant analyst, and an honest broker. He skillfully and logically presents the reality of the Chinese educational system framed in the history, economics, politics, and values of the Chinese culture.  Dr. Zhao dissects and zooms in on the elements of the education system piece by piece in its quest to activate the full human potential and shares the current reality on the ground in the context of the global dynamics. Given the significance of reforming education, this book and Dr. Zhao’s other writings are a fascinating read for informed citizens. They should be made required reading for people related to education.

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