So many of us want to be in many peoples’ circles of trust. Circles of trust create miracles in life. I can speak with authority because all my life, I have had precious angles who have lifted me far beyond my wildest imagination. They gave me second chances and more second chances.

Angels is the right label. These inspired souls have left their fingerprints on my life and the lives of my family and friends that I will never forget, nor will their goodness ever fade. Create a gentle memory, a kind moment, or a miracle of hope. Become the angel in others’ lives. It’s simple to do.

This holiday season, give people second chances. Be an angel by investing unselfishly in other’s lives. Take inspiration from your own angels. Let my life’s message sink in.

I came to Syracuse, NY to study at age 20. In changing subjects from science to business, I was completely lost. Those were the days before cell phones and easy international calling access. Oh! what a time that was? Confused, alone, proud, and scared. But blessed. Blessed that angels shielded and protected me from harm.

Chancellor Melvin Eggers, the Chancellor at SU gave me a full scholarship for one year when undergraduate foreign students were not eligible for any financial assistance. Ralph Lennon of American Airlines gave me an internship and insisted on paying me through a summer job from petty cash because I wasn’t supposed to work. Dr. Varshney and his family fed me and hosted many dinners for my professors as my local family. Dr. Wallin stood by me when I was unsure of my academic direction. Arnold Joseph invited me to SU basketball games on his season’s tickets, Rob Mehr hosted me in his apartment in Houston to help me find a new life in Houston while I got my MBA. I lived with him, ate his food, and drove his car until I could replant myself in the middle of a financial crisis. My parents could not send money and I could not return without a master’s degree. In a time of stress and fear, pride and resolve, I made many questionable decisions. In retrospect, they were right, but I wasn’t grown or confident to own them. My secrets hurt people.  This is when another class of angels kept appearing in my life, bridging me to new opportunities and showing me what I needed to do. I fell many times, but someone or another angel always picked me up, dusted me off, and set me moving again. Looking back, I can see the common thread. Virtually all of them were or are people of faith.
My mentors gave me second chances. Life gave me many many second chances. Gratitude and humility are hollow labels to stick on my deep appreciation for my angels. The only fitting gratitude toward them can be to load down poor and unsuspecting souls with the same type of acts of kindness that they showed me. Then leave before they realize what’s happening:)
My salute to my angels is the work I do, my books, talks, mentoring, consulting, and my upcoming radio talk show. It is work in the service of goodness to serve and uplift. This is my prayer, request, and appeal to you. Invest yourself in uplifting others unselfishly. It is the most reliable way to live a full and rewarding life.

Let me know if special mentors have served you like angels.

For more on my insights and inspiration, you can connect with me through my book, Find Your Everest before someone chooses it for you.


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