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Find Your Everest before someone chooses it for you is a mirror, bridge, and a ladder. It asks you whether your goal is worthy of you. It shows you how to build bridges to progress, and it inspires you to focus your energy to rise to your Everest:

The book unshackles your passion to

- do what inspires innovation

- work with people who amplify your energy, and

- work in places where you are creative, spontaneous, and unstoppable.

The book is your companion to discover what success and progress mean to you. It shows tools to set your long, medium, and short-term goals. When you advance with clarity and confidence you gain satisfaction and fulfillment.

Reader feedback

A very broad range of readers is connecting with the book’s message. From Harvard and Stanford educated doctors and lawyers, to Engineers at IBM’s Watson research labs, retirees who were settled into a calm retirement, to teachers and students, and even juveniles in prison – the book is igniting passion for achievement.

The common core

The people who are resonating with the book all want to tap their full potential.

They feel that:

- they have unused capabilities

- their passion is for something other than what they are doing

-  they could be working with better teams, or

-  they should be in a different physical place where they really come alive.

The highly successful and older readers who could write this book themselves share that this book is a good reinforcement, and they will refresh some of the insights that they knew but had forgotten. Many of them are gifting the book to their teams and family members.

The younger readers and those who never had the opportunity to take rest from life’s responsibilities are truly valuing  a simple way of planning one step at a time progress. These readers are finding great value in having a trusted companion read it too. This facilitates progress by speaking about shared priorities