Set The Goals That Match Your Priorities.

When we compromise our goals to chase glitter, we sell ourselves short. The world sensationalizes heroes and their stories: the richest man, the charismatic champion, the bravest woman. Indeed they are heroes and champions in their own right. But becoming them may not match your priorities. Your destination is your life’s reality and ambitions that match your authenticity.

Focus on your priorities and commitments to live a life of passion, commitment, and creativity. You will come up with innovative ideas to solve the problems and rise above barriers. Your path may not lead you to become the richest, most charismatic, or bravest of all in the way that the world sees you, but you will matter most to people who count on you.

Stay centered on your priorities and your success will live in your every moment. Your goodness will inspire all who come in your contact, and you will uplift all simply by being present. Being the richest man or a champion cannot match the deep satisfaction of fulfilling your commitments. In simply living your life’s reality to your fullest, you will be a walking inspiration. Living such a life is a mission that is worthy of your life.

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