Raj’s Consulting = Perspective

Sometimes even when we work as hard as humanly possible and even when we are focusing on things we are passionate about, the goals still seem out of reach. Not even an abundance of positivity or unrestricted funding links energy and investment to the kind of success that should be a no-brainer, that's when Raj’s perspective of a lifetime of blocking and tackling and delivering success makes a difference.

Raj has the first hand experience in breaking through dysfunction and delivering results in:

-   large high technology companies across the globe

-   food and beverage companies and startups

-   well funded and shoe-string operations

-   uplifting and demoralizing leadership situations 

Raj’s insights and tools come from

-   increasing market share (#1 in the world)

-   growing sales and improving sales training (top in US)

-   balancing compensation elements to retain experts

-   launching new products in short time windows (Xerox, IBM), and

- working across geographies: US, Europe, and Asia

Raj has lead the missions to build strategies, fought organizational fights, faced off bullies, and still delivered extraordinary results. His perspectives are based on reality.

Next steps to book a 90 minute consulting session
1. Send an email describing your goal and the barrier/s.

2. Set a time for a 30-minute free phone call to validate that the consultation is a good fit.