America’s a great and strong democracy because of organizations like the League of Women Voters, who host candidate forums for elections for the local school boards like the Boulder Valley School District.

BVSD’s challenge: We have too much money and we don’t really care if we don’t put it to best use.

– Affluent families don’t care about children’s education. They will have trust funds or businesses to inherit.

– Poor families don’t have a loud enough voice to be heard. So they raise the issues, but who cares? The well-heeled are comfortable. At least for now. Party 0n!

My appeal: 
A 200-foot tall wall of fire is coming our way. It is burning at 1200 degrees and will devour everything.

  • It is automation which will reduce jobs.
  • It is artificial intelligence software that will require fewer humans to participate in decision-making.
  • it is 2 billion more English language proficient people across the world who don’t need to be here to deliver work output to our companies and communities; they can send it over the Internet, and
  • It is standardization that gives everyone on the planet the same opportunity to do the middle-level jobs. People in lower cost of living do the same work for a lot less.

That wall of fire is coming our way and we are tinkering in the garage beautifying our car. It will consume steel and stone. It will consume our children’s peace of mind.

This is the time to act!

Pick the right members to represent your children’s future on the school board.

I am grateful that our teachers at the Community Montessori School, Summit Middle Charter School, and Boulder High School reached our children to the University of Southern California (Keck Medical) and Northwestern (Feinberg Medical) Schools for their M.D.-Ph.D.s.
The teachers’ fingerprints are forever affixed on our lives, and we are forever grateful to them.
Here’s how the Daily Camera reported the League of Women Voters forum.

If you want to stay above and out of the way of the fire, read my book, Find Your Everest before someone chooses it for you.




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