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The magic of life lives in the inspiration to reach for the best that we can be.  What’s possible within us, we discover the best within us when we break out of boxes and snap off handcuffs. That’s when we realize the power of limitless creativity and pure passion. Our spirits soar and we anticipate the next fulfilling milestone. Stories of heroes who are living lives in this way are inspirational and instructional. This is why we bring you Zack Weaver and his team’s story and their inspirational work at the Boulder Public Library.

In this broadcast, you will hear Zack Weaver, one of the three innovative and creative team members, who champions multifaceted learning through the makerspace initiative at the Boulder Public Library.

Inspiration is everywhere in this story.

–  Inspiration to discover inner curiosity to create something. To breathe free and have confidence arise from within.

–  Inspiration that mentors appear when they see intelligence, effort, and sincerity. Stay committed to your passion. Success will follow.

–  Inspiration that the Boulder Public Library has created a makerspace with free access to all, to create and innovate. Boulder is a progressive community.

–  Inspiration that a brilliant innovator team at BPL’s Building 61, the makerspace, serves, challenges, and supports our community. It is here to help us grow.

Listen. The program will change your life’s perspective. It is what life should be. Positive, challenging, and provocative.

Co-host Maeve Conran is a champion to connect and uplift the community and Sam Sussman has supported every cause that improves lives in Boulder. I am committed to our team’s mission of finding role models, tools, and resources that free us to become the best that we can be. This session will put a sparkle in your eye and possibly compel you to make something at the BPL makerspace. Access is free!

Listen and give us feedback on what we can do better.

Link to show that played on KGNU 88.5 on Wed Jan 30th at 8:35 A.M. coming soon.

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