Across Europe, apprenticeships are a common practice. Students grow through a combination of school and shop floor learning and industry work experience and training. Most of the apprentices build lifelong careers in the fields they like.

Apprenticeship benefits are many. Students start earning at an early age. They discover their strengths and find the right career options. They learn the inner workings of the job, industry, and workplace early enough, so that if they need to change direction, they can, before incurring expensive college debt. In pursuing their interests in the careers they like, they develop confidence about their life and future. Less anxiety. More joy. Happier lives.

The Workforce Boulder County organization has a very successful apprentice program. It matches many of the foundational elements of the European programs. Eligible participants: students, second career professionals, veterans, and older adults and companies that are looking for motivated employees. Participating companies: seeking career track employees with people seeking pay while learning job skills. The average pay for apprenticeship participants is over $17/hour.

In the video, Chris Magyar of the Techtonic Group, a software development company spoke of the benefits of their apprentice program.

If you are not sure what you would like to study in college, you are out of a job and want to change direction while still earning a wage, or you are a veteran looking for options, an apprenticeship can be a great place to start.

Program Head:

Click here for the Workforce Boulder County website

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