The email that sparked this post:

Hey Raj!

…So long story short, the company Linda and I were working for took a huge departure from Linda and I’s original ambitions and reasons for joining the company. This led to a tough period that ended with Linda and I leaving the company to return to doing the work that we are so passionate about.
Like you said, you have to stay in your green zone and with the company we realized we were stuck in our yellow zone; struggling to hit the target.
Anyway, now Linda and I are happily working with other friends who share our vision and we are going all in on our passion for filmmaking and music through an ambitious multimedia project. I couldn’t be any happier.
You really did touch Linda and I’s hearts and minds and gave us the drive to really bet on our passions and dreams without compromise.

Green Zones are places that inspire us to excellence. This is where we can spot a problem miles away and turn it into an opportunity. Stay focused on your green zones. It is where you will get the maximum return on your investment; time, energy, research, progress, innovation. This is where you make progress effortlessly. You are curious and when your path is blocked, you have resources to help you size the problems and find the solutions. You are spontaneous and your best when you are doing this work.



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