David, a former Marine is readying this talk so that he can rise in life.

Who are the veterans we have condemned?

These are mostly non-college graduate boys and girls too whom we sent to war at 18 and abandoned them when they returned as men and women. From the military to civilian life, they went from a world of clear directions, a chain of command, and rules for every task to absolutely no instruction, guidance, and structure; and no assurance of truth or ethics, or a code of conduct.

Many are lost in the civilian world and some have lost everything.
Most have had a bout with homelessness or have come way too close to it. They trust no one and don’t even share that they served in the military.

Still, they hold aspirations and dreams.
They have talent and goodness within them. The military trains them. They dream of a good life too. They deserve a shot at progress.

Let’s give them a helping hand.

They did, after all, put themselves in the line of fire from day one of their enlistment. Regardless of how long they stayed, or what they did, a bullet could have taken them down on day one.

How to help veterans who don’t have college degrees?

  1. Pray for them. Costs nothing.

2. Listen to them without judging them. It’s a kind act. Do a good deed, like the Boy Scouts do.

3. Give them a job. Take a chance on someone who’s lost faith in society.

4. Refer them to someone who can give them a job. It might change two people’s lives.

5. Stand by them as they find their walking legs in work, learning, and interacting again. Expect a slow start and expect awkwardness at start. But you will see creativity, engagement, and motivation in no time.

Many have not experienced even basic, normal, human respect for months if not years. Just be kind to a veteran.

How do I know so much about the veterans’ lives?

For five years, I have given them jobs in my food transportation business, Sexy Food on Wheels. My team mentors them. We listen to them with the intention to help them see their own talents. The end goal is to show them their strengths so that they can grow their own confidence from their core authenticity, inside-out.

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