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Helping You Find & Climb Your Everest

After twenty years of tackling high profile projects for Fortune 50 companies (Xerox and IBM), Raj found his passion in helping individuals rise to their potential.

Raj's clients gain clarity and link their authenticity (priorities, goals, aspirations) to forge fulfilling lives.

His book, Find Your Everest provides an inspirational yet honest approach to think big and achieve.


Raise others to their full potential and you will live an inspired life yourself – Raj Rawat

Raj’s clients gain the confidence to set goals that are worthy of them. Raj serves as a mirror to discover reality, bridge to innovate, and ladder to rise and achieve their potential. Inspired by having a firm grasp on priorities and equipped with tools to build their dreams, they live confident lives advancing toward their Everest one step at a time. Raj’s core belief, taught by his mentors across the world, is that when we embrace our reality, are clear about our priorities, and passionate about progress, innovation becomes unstoppable. We gain credibility and become an authentic source of inspiration. This is when the world starts chasing us. We reverse the chase. Jobs, opportunities, connections chase us. Wealth comes effortlessly. Raj’s work focuses on reinforcing a solid foundation to reach limitless progress.

Raj’s consulting work focuses on creating a culture of excellence: - Clear priorities - Realistic inventory of resources, and - Investing in others to inspire them to rise to their top performance Such cultures attract the right and enthusiastic talent to innovate. The teams realign skills to match milestones, and individuals reset priorities to achieve professional success and personal fulfillment. From vision to mission, strategy, policy, and controls, the focus is on goals and talent alignment. Raj’s large clients’ list includes: IBM, Xerox, Fuji-Xerox, Teradata, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and others. Mid size companies and startup clients represent high technology innovation, social impact, and education spaces.

Raj’s mentoring work addresses the clients’ - clarity about their compelling need to seek progress - setting goals that are worthy of them - investing in others without expectation of personal gain, and - enlisting a trusted companion as a progress partner. From CEO’s, company owners, and Fortune 500 company executives to college students’ parents, Raj serves as a trusted companion for progress. His mentoring work creates clarity and alignment to attract resources for progress. Clients apply their energy to confidently direct their time, energy, and passion to make meaningful progress. His clients include professionals in medicine, engineering, education, social impact, and entrepreneurship. Regardless of whether the clients are college students or retired executives, they all become more family-like than clients.

Raj’s keynotes are instantly uplifting as they are honest and real. They integrate facts about innovation with stories of human triumph. From NASA to the hot Indian desert villages, and Universities and boardrooms in America, to India, Malaysia, and Singapore, they are engaging, thought-provoking, and inspiring. Whether Raj is speaking at a student event or a professional convention, his purpose is the same: inspire everyone in the audience to set and achieve an “impossible” goal that is worthy of their life. Raj’s customizes each one of his talks. They match his audiences’ needs, whether he is addressing juveniles in a Golden, CO prison with a 10 minute graduation talk, or motivating thousands of certified accountants at an hour long convention talk in Kuala Lumpur.


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