Boulder’s 3D Spotlight

Click here to listen to Radio Show #1. Maker Spaces. The Joy of Learning. Zack Weaver, Creative Technologist.

Click here to listen to Radio Show #2. Paid Software Apprenticeships. The Techtonic Group. Heather Terenzio, CEO.

Click here to listen to Radio Show #3. The Miracle (Special Education) Teachers Make. Mariah Garcia and Pilar Chissell of BVSD.

Real life inspirational, innovative stories in.: education, healthcare, housing, transportation, and energy.

Filling the gap

Many critical systems move very slowly. If they are not addressing our needs in this moment, the time and energy to leverage opportunity are lost forever.  We want to provide knowledge and tools to activate progress.

For instance, if my child learns mathematics through experiential drills and the school curriculum is structured to only deliver a lecture style lesson, she will miss the time to learn a foundational concept that will be critical to layer more advanced concepts. Every lesson will be less and less connected. We want to showcase experts and tools to address this reality.

Our intention is to…

–  Replace anxiety with knowledge, tools, and an action plan.

–  Empower listeners to take positive action to achieve their potential.

Who are the co-hosts?

We share common values: excellence, fairness, equality, and compassion for all.

Our focus is on solutions that unite and strengthen us all.

–  Maeve Conran is the News Director at KGNU Radio Station in Boulder.

–  Raj Rawat is a consultant, author, and speaker about reaching our potential.

–  Sam Sussman is a retired businessman with a golden heart and a deep commitment to his Boulder community.